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Disney World resorts-explore them your own way!!!

Disney World has its own unique charm which cannot be surpassed by anything else in this world. Yes, the fun-filled rides, unlimited enjoyment and a carefree, merry atmosphere are what greet any tourist when he first enters Disneyland. As it is, Disneyland is such a huge entertainment park that it is virtually impossible to explore and visit all the famous places in a day itself.

This possibly explains the reason that people who come here on a vacation often extend their stay up to a week. Also, Disneyland attracts millions of tourists every year. To suit the needs and accommodate this huge number of visitors, there are several world class resorts in Disneyland.

According to the common notion among people, there are not enough lodging options within the entertainment land. But this notion is proved false as soon as they enter the park. Disney World Resorts are designed in such a manner that they may suit the purse strings of every tourist. These Disney World Resorts are complete with stunningly stylish lobbies, perfectly mowed and scenic gardens, theme pools and multi-cuisine restaurants.

There are innumerable resorts in Disneyland which are theme-styled and it can be very difficult for a visitor to settle for a particular resort from the plethora of available options. But there are particular Disney World Resorts which enjoy greater popularity as compared to other resorts. The most important among these is The Grand Floridian. It is flagship resort of Disneyland and is famous for its elegant and luxurious ambience. The resort is decorated in line with Victorian century styles and designs, which lends it a very exquisite touch. This resort is located along the shore of Seven Seas Lagoon. It is famous for its spectacular views of Cinderella’s Castle and sparkling fireworks which are put on display.

Another famous resort is the Disney’s Yacht Club which is an extremely up market and posh resort for people looking for ultimate luxury. It can be reached via a boat ride from the famous MGM Studios. This world-class resort is famous for its sinfully luxurious pools and mini-water parks.

Animal Kingdom Lodge is yet another Disney World Resort which is a top favorite among animal-lovers. This resort draws inspiration from the African culture and spirit for its main theme. The resort features a whopping 33 acres of grasslands and elusive architecture which makes it stand apart from all the other Disney World Resorts. The rooms offer enchanting views of the animal life from their balconies while the rest of the resort itself represents safari spirit from its every nook and cranny to make the visitor feel as if he is in the heart of African grasslands.

The Wilderness Lodge here is famous for its eight storied lobby which features an enormous fireplace, northwest totem poles and pine logs. The resort is also famous for its cascading waterfalls and tall pines. The resort also has its own natural geyser which attracts a lot of tourists here.

Hence, no matter where you are in the Disneyland, you will never fall short of ideal lodging options with these resorts which never fail to mesmerize and provide comfortable stay to its visitors.

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